A New Painting


Wanted to paint something like this one for long. Alhamdulillah I have finished painting a new piece of painting, which is possibly my favourite one so far. Impression of lots of colours together with such brightness. I can imagine the rural river sun set view of Bangladesh through it. Sun set soothes the heart with stunning beauty of Allah the almighty’s blessings.

While I was living in Rajshahi, near the Padma river, I fell in love with the sunset view of Padma. The dark orange colour washes away the sky and showcase the most wonderful part of the day. I feel like the sun is leaving and giving its last essence of beauty.

The boat itself is full of stories of our thousands and thousands fishermen and the people who live depending on river and boats. May be the fisherman is working so hard and his wife is waiting for him in a small hut, with a hope that he will bring them food for today. That is a world exists around us as well, where people just live hand to mouth. Their misery, their pain, their features of lives never touch those who are enjoying unlimited blessings of God.

However, everyone else can find different stories behind this painting. Hope you guys would plant your suggestions and comments on it.

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