Living like a traveller, only passing through..

A simple life, like a traveller, who carries only a few of necessary things in the baggage, I strongly  and  deeply  feeling  it  inside the heart that, this concept can change someone’s life entirely. While we digging of for success, money, happiness and what not, only the concept of  living like a traveller can drag us out of the overburdened lifestyle we chasing on.

This world is such a temporary place, the more we weigh our baggage up, the more our feet glue us in it. Although we all know it very well enough, we have to set to another journey hereafter. We must leave this world empty handed, while only our deeds going to be our baggage. Yet if Allah gives us money abundantly, we weigh our baggage and fall in luxury. Allah wants the opposite though ! He wants us to spend our money for those who are deprived, rather than adorning our lives with too much luxury.

Dawun Wharnsby, among many of his wonderful nasheed, I fell in love with the song  ”Live Life Like a Traveller” so much. After listening the song and one of his interview on it,  I was reflecting on my life and it started persuading my thinking, philosophy and choices of the current lifestyle that I am carrying on. I now walk on the isle of grocery shop and Dawud’s song reminds me whether I am buying only the necessary products or anything doing the opposite which can weigh me up ? I found my husband truly live a life like a traveller. A true simple human being, who has no fascination to shop a lot, buy new clothings often or living in Luxury. He kept suggesting me to lead  the same lifestyle.


”Live Life Like a traveller, only passing through 

 dont weigh your baggage let you down

 Through all you need to do … ”

This song is  now hammering me every now and then, whether I live a simple life or  weighing up myself  so much ! Therefore I am compelled to submit a sincere invocation to Almighty, as only his support and blessing can help us to be a Traveller, only passing through ( wish remembrance of Allah all the way long ). 


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