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I born in a small village called Pathanpara in Thakurgaon District of Bangladesh. This is the very northern part of my country. Pathanpara has been a place where my grandfather Naser Khan and my grand grandfather Alal Khan  lived their entire life. My father left Pathanpara in mid 1980s  but my 3 uncles are still living there with families. I heard from my father and uncle that, Pathanpara used to be surrounded by forests. Animals like Tigers were the inhabitants of those forests. Grandfathers had to live a life always frightened of those animals. They possessed guns to survive.

However, I do not have that much memory in Pathanpara as my parents moved to Goreya, which is the Bazar and kind of Upozila area little far from the village. I do not have that much memory in Goreya either as my parents again moved to Thakurgaon Town in 1991.

I started my primary education in a school named Shalik Primary School. I can still remember the day my immediate and only elder brother escorted me to the school. I got 3 beautiful girls as my friends there. Sharmin, Mouri and Dipannita Kundu. Among those 3 sweet girls I found Kundu after a long time in Facebook. However, I got admitted in the Thakurgaon Govt Girls High school and it was another new journey. A sky blue and white uniform became my part of life and I passed Secondary School certification exam. In school I got 4 sweet friends, Tisha, Bokul, Shuva and Rumpa. I have lots of memories with them which I can say are the most precious and beautiful part of the school life.

For higher secondary education I got admitted in Thakurgaon Govt college. After passing the HSC board exam I started studying English Language and literature in International Islamic University Chittagong. I did my MA there as well in the same subject area.

My father was a primary school teacher and in 1999 he started his business after an early retirement. My mother, the most amazing and loving person of my life. She dedicated her entire life for us ( 4 siblings). She had an early marriage and could not continue her study, but she was and still is the most genius, smart and highly educated lady for me. Her social work, kindness to people inspire me always. She taught us till year 7, and had been a best home tutor for us beside the school teachers.

My eldest sister,  the most studious, most talented among us, who studied in Bangladesh Agriculture University and now she is teaching in University of Rajshahi.  My second sister, Who I love so much. She took care of me a lot besides my mother. She completed her MA but she preferred to be a good housewife. My one and only brother, who I had amazing memories with. My fighting partner yet the most loving brother. I copied her hand writings as he had been my role model when I was a school going little girl.

I got married in December 2011 and now living with the sweetest husband in the world 🙂

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